Merck Establishes Digital Hub in Singapore

German chemicals, pharmaceuticals and life sciences group Merck has opened a digital hub in Singapore, the first outside of the US and Europe for its digital business.

The hub, which is supported by the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB), aims to propel advancements within the healthcare and semiconductor industries, Merck said. Singapore is recognized globally for driving innovation and digital excellence, particularly in key areas such as digital health, semiconductor technology, and artificial intelligence.

“The latest investment by Merck is a show of confidence in Singapore’s digital capabilities. Its Digital Hub will enrich our local ecosystem and help advance digital innovation and talent across healthcare, semiconductor, and artificial intelligence (AI),” said Wan Yee Goh, senior vice president and head of Healthcare, Singapore EDB. “Merck’s engagement in growing the digital presence in Singapore underscores the pivotal role of data and artificial intelligence as cornerstones of the future economy.”

“Singapore's strong commitment to digital innovation and adoption has provided a substantial advantage to various sectors, including health tech and semiconductors,” said Laura Matz, Merck’s chief science & technology officer. Matz added: “This initiative is set to spearhead innovation and foster collaborative technology integration, not only in Singapore but also on a global scale."

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According to Merck, the digital hub leverages the Syntropy and Athinia platforms, both of which enable secure data collaboration among participants in the healthcare and semiconductor industries. These platforms help data owners integrate and curate their data across their organizations, maintaining the high-quality standards required by both sectors. Both tools have been built under the premise that high-quality data must be traceable to the source and governed appropriately to enable experts and scientists to uncover novel insights, Merck explained.

In Singapore, Merck now employs around 500 people in its three business sectors Life Science, Healthcare and Electronics.

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